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A cruise with Poseidon is all about having the opportunity to explore the magnificent coral gardens of the Agincourt ribbon reefs. Discover the vibrant fish life and delicate coral of three specifically chosen sites suited for conditions on the day of travel. The shallow reef lagoons are a great opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef at its best, as some of the best coral growth is found in the shallower waters where sunlight is plentiful. For more experienced snorkellers, you’ll be thrilled with exploring spectacular drop-offs and coral pinnacles.

If you haven’t snorkelled before our crew will be on hand to give you instruction but we do recommend the ability to swim and a fairly good fitness level as snorkelling can be a strenuous activity.

The Reef Interpretation Talk and guided snorkel tour will give you an amazing insight about the reef and its inhabitants to help you truly appreciate what you are seeing.

Included in your day, join the Marine Biologist for a guided snorkel tour over the shallow coral gardens, pointing out fish and marine life, corals and areas of interest along the way.
Our dedicated snorkel crew will provide you with:

  • Snorkelling equipment and floatation devices.
  • Tips of technique and help for beginners.
  • In-water assistance and guidance to where the best areas to snorkel are.
  • A briefing on the biology and history of the reef.